CISUP’S NETWORKED LAB. – NMR 500 JEOL (Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry)

Location:Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry, Via Giuseppe Moruzzi, 13, lab 10
Lab head: Prof. Gianluca Ciancaleoni, Prof. Valentina Domenici
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The spectrometer installed in our laboratory is equipped with a JEOL royal probe HFX (, with a 1H and 19F double resonance coil and a broadband coil tunable in the range between 31P and 15N, and at the frequency of 107Ag.

The type of analysis includes the acquisition of standard spectra of the proton, carbon and various heteronuclei of interest (for example, Nitrogen 15, Fluorine 19, Phosphorus 31, Silicon 29), but also of “exotic” nuclei such as, for example , Sodium 23, Aluminum 27, Chlorine 35, Selenium 77, Platinum 195, Niobium 93 and Silver 107.
Furthermore, experiments aimed at the structural determination of complex molecules, both 1D and 2D (such as HSQC and HMBC, NOESY), quantitative analysis (1H qNMR) and resolution of mixtures (1H-DOSY), as well as experiments 1H{19F}, 19F{1H} and X{19F,1H}.

All experiments can be performed in a temperature range between -80°C and 140°

The information than can be obtained includes, but it is not limited to:
-determination of the molecular structure and connectivity in solution;
-purity determination;
-protein-ligand interaction studies;
-quantitative analyses (q-NMR);
-determination of hydrodynamic size of molecules in solution;
-differentiation of NMR signals from a complex mixture (NMR chromatography)

Key benefits
-Non-destructive analysis
-Small amount of sample required
-Wide range of accessible information

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