Orbitrap Q Exactive Plus

 The equipment is composed by a UHPLC (Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography) system coupled to a High Resolution Mass Spectrometry (HR-MS) Q Exactive Plus Orbitrap, equipped with an ionization electrospray (ESI) source and a hybrid-quadrupole analyzer.
  Q Exactive Plus Orbitrap provides molecular weight measurements of molecular mass of a wide range of molecules and macromolecules with accuracy >1 ppm both in HR-MS and tandem modes (HR-MS/MS); the ultra-high accuracy provides chemical formula of molecules having molecular weight up to 6000 u.
  It is possible to obtain rapid chromatographic separation and characterization of compounds even in complex matrices thanks to the UHPLC system coupled to a photodiode detector (DAD). Also, a nano-LC system is available for proteomic analyses.
  Q Exactive Plus Orbitrap is appropriate for rapid screening, qualitative and quantitative analyses and metabolomic studies in chemical, environmental, nutritional, pharmaceutical, medical, and toxicological fields.

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